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Mission & Vision

Why a radio station in Magnuson Park?

It was the inspiring potential of the community itself that compelled SPACE

to start a low-power FM radio station. The park community and surrounding

neighborhoods have many unleveraged strengths and potential partnerships

that will now come to exist through the radio station’s ability to share

information, provide equal access to the airwaves, and connect the amazing

breadth of individuals, groups and organizations within its broadcast zone

and beyond.

LPFMs can be operated on shoestring budgets and are largely run by

volunteers. People with unique and varied interests will meet each other through their programming interests and the physical space can serve as a community hub. 

The station will support small and local businesses by providing an affordable way to reach a nearby audience and by sharing special events and other news, including non-profit announcements. The station will also expand on the mission of SPACE by providing the arts a stable and elevated platform to promote and share events and offerings.


SPACE 101.1 FM is a service of

Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange

Founded in 1994 by a coalition of creative pioneers, Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange (SPACE), is the non-profit responsible for waving the flag for arts and cultural organizations and activities at Warren G. Magnuson Park, a former U.S. Navy base. 


In 2004, SPACE began and led the advocacy efforts resulting in the historic preservation of two park buildings, 30 and 18.  Now operating out of a public gallery in Building 30 and a radio station in Building 138, SPACE builds community by funding, facilitating and promoting arts and cultural uses of the park for the public. We work to connect communities within and out of the park by providing safe and welcoming opportunities for all to engage with the delight, power and connection of cultural experiences.

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