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Welcome to Broken, Alaska! 

With only 71 people, this tiny coastal town has to figure out how to retain its small-town character while balancing growth and economics. The locals, with different opinions about politics, family, and love, still have to live with each other, resulting in comedy genius from this brilliantly improvised show. Join us in the heartwarming and funny town of Broken - the Broken town that could fix America!   

Here's an outtake from Episode 26, The Dagger Strikes! Because, you know, it's improvised! (And we sometimes blow it...) 

Listen Sunday nights at 8:00pm! And catch up on previous episodes by clicking the    Season 1 links below!   

Season 1:

The town of Broken, Alaska, population 71, has hired a crew to make a documentary of their town in hopes of drawing more tourists onto the budget-friendly cruise ship, The Queen of the Gulls, which docks here each week. The documentary shows the highlights of Broken, and includes insightful interviews of the local townsfolk. Will tourists want to come to Broken?

Carlos del Valle gives the cruise ship passengers a tour of Broken, Alaska’s Main Street before sending them on their adventures. Denise chats with several people in town, asking about rooms for rent. Brett Brickman sees this as an opportunity to push his hotel development, but gets blowback from the locals.

Locals are frustrated about how terrible Felcher's Grocery Store is and some of the awful things Old Man Fletcher has done. Then they overhear a tourist from the cruise ship talking about opening a big box chain grocery store and worry that Broken will lose all its charm. They hold a Town Meeting and rally around Felcher's because, though he's a jerk, he's OUR jerk and we stick together. They confront the UGA man with all the reasons Felcher’s Grocery Store (and Broken) is wonderful just the way it is.

Denise sees a dog run off The Queen of the Gulls as passengers disembark for their Alaskan Adventures, and tries to locate it. That night, mysterious things start happening in Broken. The locals remember many spooky myths and legends they’ve heard, and decide something evil is among them. In an angry mob, they head into town to find and destroy the evil beast!

As a Thanksgiving tradition, the locals of Broken prepare a progressive dinner party – several people cook different parts of the meal and the group goes from home to home throughout a night of good food, fun, and friendship. What could go wrong?

A bossy and thrill-seeking Bride and Groom arrive on the Queen of the Gulls and convince the town to throw an elaborate wedding ceremony and reception for them... tomorrow! The locals scurry to make the wedding a success, with the knowledge that the couple will be compensating them with a whole lot of money (thanks to Bret Brickman's wheeling and dealing). Everyone pulls together to make the Destination Wedding a success.

It’s almost the holidays and the locals of Broken are in a festive mood. Though only a few tourists are visiting town this time of year, the Queen of the Gulls brings Charlie and Lily LeJeune, a happy-go-lucky husband and wife from Louisiana. They come to Broken as a surprise visit to their cousin, and decide to go on a culinary quest to see if bear-meat gumbo is better than alligator. They are full of love and life, and spread happiness and joy around town to everyone they meet -- Everyone except their cousin, who is not happy to see them.

Can Charlie and Lily LeJeune break through Brett Brickman's tough exterior and warm his cold, dead heart? Or will their bear gumbo be wasted in this second half of The Cajuns?

The holidays bring out the best and worst in the people of Broken. Father Francis O’Bean is working hard to find the right words for his annual Kwanukkamas service in the Churnagosque, and people keep coming to him for advice. The Secret Santa tradition has some people stressed out, and the coming darkness of winter has other people feeling a little depressed. Can Fr. Francis find the right words to lead his flock through the shortest day of the year?

With the confessions of the locals out of the way, Father Francis can prepare for his big holiday sermon. Will the Brokenites be able to pull off a holiday party full of good cheer? 

There’s a New Year’s Eve Party at the Harbor Palace Restaurant and Joey Maglioni is just the investigative reporter to get the dirt on the residents of Broken. Joey secretly records conversations with the town’s residents in hopes of learning more.

The residents of Broken are shocked when a strange herd of sheep rumbles into town. Frustrations grow as the sheep disrupt normal life, and the town has to decide what to do about this noisy, dirty, hungry mess.

The winter months are a slow time for the Broken tourist economy. Brett Brickman, ever the entrepreneur, makes a deal to steal tourists from the rival neighboring town of Austinville. He convinces Denise to lead a newly formed dogsled team over the mountain, but will this venture be as unsuccessful as most of Brick’s ideas?

The Tale of Mark Shaughnessy – The locals of Broken, Alaska are skilled at fending off Cabin Fever during the long winter months. What happens when one resident gets pushed too far?

The Tale of Mark Shaughnessy - Mark has been missing for a week, and his friends in Broken are worried. Search parties set off to find him, but they hold little hope. Rose is confronted by a hard truth to swallow. 

The often out-of-town mayor calls in to tell the Heather O’Hearne, Head of the City Council that he’s treating them to a team-building white-water rafting adventure. When the entire town is accidentally invited, Heather has to decide how to fund the trip.

Anikah is caught with her hands in someone’s drawers and a thief has robbed the Churnagosque. Joey and Mo struggle with questions of loyalty and trust as the people of Broken search the town and their hearts for clues. Could this be the beginning of a dark time in Broken?

Catching sight of a fisherman singing and dancing on his boat one morning prompts the Brokenites to question their daily routines. How do the residents keep their joie de vivre, even when faced with a sometimes dreary and repetitious Alaskan life?

It’s the 1970s in London, and Burt is in his prime. He has friends, a great job on the police force, and is sure he will be the one to finally catch his nemesis, The Dagger. Hear how dear Burt finally made his way to Broken in this flashback episode.

Every Spring brings feelings of unrest to the town of Broken, Alaska and this year is no different. A strange wind is blowing through town, the ice is breaking up, and it has everyone teetering on their last nerve. Can the locals get through the Spring Break Up in one piece?

Brett Brickman is always on the lookout for a way to boost the economy and status of Broken, Alaska. Could he and Louise convince the Paris officials of the Bureau International des Exposition to designate Broken as the next site of the World’s Fair?

Brett Brickman’s long-lost younger brother, Stewie, shows up on the Queen of the Gulls cruise ship. Stewie is vastly superior to Brick in every way and the townsfolk love him! How will Brick react to this gorgeous, successful hunk of a man horning in on his territory?

A new library is opening in Broken, and the locals have decided to give from their personal book collections for the cause. In searching through old boxes in Brook’s Books and Other Things for titles to donate, the Brokenites discover a secret that Mark would rather keep hidden.

As the Brokenites meet in kitchens around town to discuss local gossip, Burt and George continue to argue about chores around the shack. Later that night, Burt discovers a secret George has been hiding in his basement.

The temperature in Broken is starting to rise, and the locals are feeling the heat. When a fast-talking AC salesman shows up in town, will they give in to his high-pressure tactics and invest in the cooling system of the future?

Burt has opened the Huehuetenango Coffe Roasting Hut down by the harbor. But, when mysterious things start happening in town, everyone has to pull together to protect one of their own. 

Rose has been kidnapped and all of Broken is looking for her. Can they find her before it’s too late? The Season 1 Finale of Broken, Alaska will have you on the edge of your seat!

Love Visiting Broken? Check out some Bonus Content! 

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