Ways to Listen to SPACE 101.1

Tune us in LIVE over the FM airwaves – at 101.1 FM (in the Seattle area)

  • In your car: Set 101.1 FM as a favorite and listen as you commute to work, drive the kids across town, run errands or when out for a joy ride.
  • On your home stereo or clock radio: Your amplifier / receiver equipped with an antenna should be able to pick us up just fine. SPACE makes a great compliment to dinner time prep or when entertaining guests.
  • On your boombox: Turn the dial to 101.1 FM and bring us with you to the yard, garage, or for a walk down the street.

Stream us from anywhere on your computer (worldwide): space101fm.org

  • In the home office: Take a break from social media and listen to awesome SPACE Mix tunes on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • At work: We make the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon workload. No reason you can’t enjoy some Math Rock on SPACE while you crunch those numbers.
  • On your travels: Just because you leave town, doesn’t mean you have to leave SPACE 101.1. If you’ve got that laptop or tablet with you on the plane, in your hotel room, or at the in-laws, just browse on over to our website and enjoy.

Ask your smart speaker to stream us

We work just fine on various smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, or Apple Homepod. Just ask your smart speaker to:

  • “Play SPACE 101.1 FM” OR “Play KMGP”

Use your mobile phone to hear us on the go

You take your phone everywhere, and SPACE 101.1 is with you too. Just open your browser and go to our website to hear radio that celebrates great music and creativity. Share us with your friends, family, strangers, etc.

NEW: You can now listen to your favorite shows On Demand!

Our new website provides archives of previously aired programs. So if you weren’t able to listen to Magnuson Blues on Tuesday night at 9pm, you can check it out later – perhaps on the weekend. Go to our Schedule or Program Listings to find the archives for each show – and most shows also have their full playlist available for you to view.

Our FM broadcast area

As a low power FM radio station, our signal over the airwaves is limited. You can hear us strongest in the central and northeast portions of Seattle. Our signal typically reaches from I-90 (in downtown Seattle) up to Lake City (in North Seattle), and from route 99 or Phinney Ridge (in the west) to Lake Washington (in the east). You can sometimes hear our signal across the lake in Kirkland and parts of Bellevue and sometimes as far north as Kenmore. Your reception may vary based on the type of radio, antennae, and the local terrain.

What can I listen to on SPACE 101.1?

Now that you know HOW to listen, you may be wondering WHAT you can listen to on SPACE 101.1.

  • LISTEN LIVE – take a chance, click that button and hear what we are playing right NOW.
  • WEEKLY SCHEDULE – view our programs by day of the week to find your favorite shows and when you can catch them LIVE.
  • BROWSE PROGRAMS – check out our list of programs (more than 30), to browse, filter by genre, to discover some new favorites and to listen to previous programs On Demand.