Liv Victorino

May 5, 2023

Liv Victorino while a student, started a university club called the Songwriter's Circle. After witnessing this set, you can really understand why she felt compelled to start this club. The innovative craftsmanship in Liv's songs shows that she takes the artform very seriously.

Full Performance

Recorded live at the Outer SPACE Lounge, Building 138

Liv Victorino: Vocals, Guitar

Produced by: Eric Zappa, Nina Tsai McKay & Liz Riley Tollefson
Audio Engineer and Mix: Mitch Etter
Camera/Lighting: Nina Tsai McKay, Jennie Zappa
Editor: Nina Tsai McKay

Watch Individual Songs

  1. Finish What You Start
  2. Neighborhood
  3. Steer Close My Love
  4. Might Be
  5. Bye Now

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