NW Orbit

SPACE's Monthly Northwest musician spotlight. Interview and music.  Hosted by Phoebe.


August 2022: Seattle indie rock trio. Interview with Glenn, Spencer, and Sean

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Racoma part 1
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Sea Lemon

June 2022: Seattle dream pop.

Interview with Natalie Lew.

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Sea Lemon part 1
Sea Lemon part 2
Sea Lemon part 3


April 2022: Seattle Indie-Pop Singer-Songwriter. Interview with Cody Choi.

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SuperCoze part 1
SuperCoze part 2
SuperCoze part 3


February 2022: Snohomish bred Americana. Interview with Hillary Grace Fretland and Luke Francis.

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Fretland part 1
Fretland part 2
Fretland part 3


July 2022: Portland Singer-Songwriter. Interview with Maria Maita-Keppeler.

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Maita part 1
Maita part 2
Maita part 3

Tres Leches

May 2022: Seattle Psyche-Punk duo

Interview with Alaia and Ulises.

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Tres Leches part 1
Tres Leches part 2
Tres Leches part 3

Jason McCue

March 2022: Seattle finger-picking guitar whiz and singer-songwriter.

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Jason McCue part 1
Jason McCue part 2
Jason McCue part 3