Broken, Alaska

A group of slightly odd actors
Radio Drama | Comedy | Improvised | Northwest
Sundays @ 10:00 pm - 10:30 pm (PST)

About this program

Broken, Alaska (pop. 71) is an audio drama about a tiny town full of BIG stories. This heartwarming coastal town is full of funny, weird neighbors who get along like…family. This tiny coastal town has to figure out how to retain its small-town character while balancing growth and economics. The locals, with different opinions about politics, family, and love, still have to live with each other, resulting in comedy genius from this brilliantly improvised show. Join us in the heartwarming and funny town of Broken – the Broken town that could fix America!

This half-hour, ongoing radio drama is created by a group of slightly odd actors who follow a loose skeleton of a script and are set loose to tell the story. The actors make up all the dialog on the spot — this means it can be BRILLIANT, funny, SPARKLE with intensity and DRAMA, or… you know… not.


About the DJ

Broken, Alaska is written, directed, edited and produced by Kari Aguila and Mike Fuller. Dialog is (mostly) improvised by the brilliant actors on the show. We are grateful to SPACE 101.1 LPFM, KMGP in Magnuson Park, Seattle, WA for their generous help in producing this wonderful podcast.

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