Warren Dunes

Sep 15, 2023

Warren Dunes plays PNW Tropicalia and is led by keyboardist/vocalist Julia Massey. Their unique style of Beach Rock is born from the cold waters and grey sky beaches of the Salish Sea,

Full Performance

Recorded live at the Officer’s Club, Building 30

Warren Dunes: Julia Massey, Jared Cortese, Dominic Cortese
with Tomo Nakayama

Produced by: Eric Zappa, Nina Tsai McKay & Liz Riley Tollefson
Audio Engineer and Mix: Mitch Etter
Camera/Lighting: Dylan Randolph, Nina Tsai McKay
Editor: Dylan Randolph

Watch Individual Songs

  1. Count on Me
  2. Fishbowl
  3. Get Her Gut Her
  4. Linger
  5. I Take the Train