History as Music, Music as History

Prof. DJ Grumpy
Indie / Alternative | Jazz | Reggae | Funk | History
Sundays @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (PST)

About this program

Do you like history? Do you like music? Even if you think you only like one, History as Music/Music as History is the show for you. Each episode explores the connective tissues between historical events or themes and music inspired by the same. Some shows are specific (the Cold War), others quirky (haircuts) and some topical (straight from the headlines or on notable anniversaries). All episodes are mostly music, with an eclectic mix that might include classical, jazz, punk, funk, pop, reggae, country, and more with just a few footnotes for history.


About the DJ

As my daughters still call me, I am Prof. DJ Grumpy, someone whose love of music and history only found a home on the radio waves in 2019. I stumbled across Space 101.1FM on the radio dial, and almost immediately I had an idea for a radio show – something I had never done before. Social historians know we can find history everywhere and that even the most seemingly mundane item can tell a fascinating story about ourselves and where we come from. Musicians tap into that same feeling in song. I try to bridge the two by teaching a few ideas about history, but mostly playing amazing music.

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