The DeLorean Dream

DJ Sizzle
Rock | Indie Pop | R&B | Jazz | Funk | Alternative Rock
Sundays @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (PST)

About this program

The DeLorean Dream is a super groovy show that showcases underrepresented artists who find inspiration from different musical eras and time travel with their unique funky beats. New artists are constantly emerging in the music world, and many of them are drawing inspiration from past musicians while experimenting across genres to create a completely unique sound. In the DeLorean, you’ll cruise to boundary-defying beats that will seamlessly transport you from the 60’s to present day. Time is but a concept during the 1-hour DeLorean Dream on SPACE 101.1 FM.


About the DJ

My love for radio started in college where I co-hosted a weekly music program and my alter-ego DJ Sizzle was born. After graduating from college, I really missed my involvement in radio and the hours I would spend researching new music to curate playlists. As a new Seattle resident in 2021, I stumbled upon a flyer for SPACE 101.1, and it felt like fate. Music inspires endless creativity and motivation within me, which is why I love listening to playlists while painting and running. Getting involved with the Magnuson Park Art Gallery has been the cherry on top to my amazing experience with SPACE! I will be forever grateful for the strong sense of community and welcoming space for musical and artistic expression.

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