Tomo Nakayama

Jan 20, 2023

Tomo Nakayama is a fixture in Seattle for good reason. His amazing voice and beautiful songs has been praised far and wide. We were lucky to have Tomo perform for us in an intimate setting.

Full Performance

Recorded live at the Outer SPACE Lounge, Building 138

Tomo Nakayama: Vocals, Guitar

Produced by: Eric Zappa, Nina Tsai McKay & Liz Riley Tollefson
Audio Engineer and Mix: Mitch Etter
Camera/Lighting: Nina Tsai McKay, Pat McKay, Ruby Lee
Editor: Nina Tsai McKay

Watch Individual Songs

  1. Get to Know You
  2. Tick Tock
  3. Horses
  4. Gold in Them Hills (Ron Sexsmith cover)
  5. Roscoe (What a Gift)