TV Star

Mar 8, 2024

TV Star brought their indie rock and pop sound to our SPACE 101.1 lobby and treated our tiny space like it was a big venue, making for a great energetic performance.

Full Performance

Recorded live at the Outer SPACE Lounge, Building 138

TV Star: Ashlyn Nagel, Bryan Coats, Che Hise-Gattone, Tucker Devault-Weaver, Mark Palm

Produced by: Eric Zappa, Nina Tsai McKay & Liz Riley Tollefson
Audio Engineer and Mix: Mitch Etter
Camera/Lighting: Dylan Randolph, Nina Tsai McKay
Editor: Dylan Randolph

Watch Individual Songs

  1. Living Spree
  2. In-Between
  3. TVXP
  4. Trigger Itch
  5. Song 159
  6. Overplayed