The Jet Set

Mike Fuller
NW Music | New Wave | Alternative Rock | Punk
Saturdays @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (PST)

About this program

The Jet Set is my attempt to demonstrate what it might’ve sounded like if the DJs on Seattle’s alternative radio stations of the past (KZAM-AM, KCMU, KJET and KYYX) had total creative freedom and access to all the underground music of the mid-‘70s to late-‘80s. It’s also meant to evoke a time before each genre of music had its own scene, and you might see a Punk band opening for a Reggae band or a Surf band opening for a Rockabilly band.


About the DJ

I got my start in radio at KCMU in 1981, when it was still a class at the UW. After graduation, I spent four years on the air at KJET before moving to L.A. for several writing jobs in television. When I moved back from Hollywood, I re-joined KCMU for a few years before moving to KidStar, a chain of radio stations for kids. I later went to work for KEXP, where I co-hosted Shake the Shack for almost a decade. Toward the end of my time there, I started volunteering at SPACE 101.1 and actually helped build the studio before The Jet Set became our first locally produced show. I love radio and love SPACE!

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