Transcend This Temporal Plane

DJ 9
Variety | R&B | Pop | Indie / Alternative | Oldies | Current
Wednesdays @ 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm (PST)

About this program

TTTP has been an exploratory project of DJ 9 for over 4 years. This weekly hour of music aims to shake the listener from their daily grind and into an introspective-state, at the mid-week, before bed, through beauty, humor, and raw emotion. The programming has evolved over the years, through pandemic and DJ 9’s personal growth across an existential crisis. (Have you had yours yet?) Older episodes of TTTP feature some interviews with Seattle artists, which are guided by mutually crafted playlists. Some playlists are curated by others, or co-curated based on a theme. As TTTP has continually evolved, DJ 9 is challenged to continue to bring satisfying new shows, now live instead of pre-recorded, and will likely move toward less planning and more improvisation in the programming for 2024. As always, TTTP will make an effort to elevate diversity across the artists featured. TTTP takes pride in genre-bending, and decade-spanning to unground and surprise the listener.


About the DJ

DJ9 (formerly J. McKenzie) is Janine Cipolaro, a mom of a 7 year old son at the time of this writing, and an acute care/ICU Speech Language Pathologist. DJ 9 identifies Arizona as home, but she has been living and loving in Seattle for over 15 years. Music appreciation and music trivia have been a passion/hobby since before she was dubbing mix tapes on her boombox in the mid 90s. DJ 9 considers music to be incredibly therapeutic, and capable of changing our patterns of thinking, if we are open to it, making our individual worlds bigger, and tapping into emotional states we probably have been avoiding but need to experience and move through.

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