The Best Of With Patrick

Patrick Walsh
Indie Pop | Folk | Indie / Alternative | Hip Hop | Punk
Sundays @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm (PST)

About this program

The Best of With Patrick is a weekly music show which uses the top-ten list format to celebrate music and unpack the innumerable ways a song can be the best.

Each week, The Best Of With Patrick takes on a new theme and counts down the best songs within that theme each week, while also breaking down the sub-categories within that theme. Genres range from Pop, to Tropicalia, to Hip-Hop and themes vary from the very general – Sad Songs, Fun Songs – to the ultra-specific – Songs About Basketball. Every week, the show concludes with a call-in guest who picks the final song and discusses what it means to them.

On The Best Of With Patrick, the question of whether our taste in music is subjective or objective remains to be puzzled over, but, what is a certainty – according to the gospel of The Best Of With Patrick – and what The Best Of With Patrick hopes to help demonstrate, is that music can move us in countless significant ways, that music and the music-makers should be celebrated, and that the power of music in our lives should never be underestimated.


About the DJ

Patrick began his show at SPACE 101.1 FM in June of 2024. He believes strongly in supporting the local music scene and hopes that SPACE can play its own little role in nurturing this scene. After spending some time substitute teaching post-college, Patrick traveled across europe and western asia, where he was struck by the fact that, even across the world in Istanbul, Turkey or Tbilisi, Georgia, a stranger’s eyes would often light up when they found out Patrick was from the same city that Nirvana, Pearl Jam, or Jimi Hendrix came from.

This reaffirmed three truths in Patrick’s mind, one, that Seattle occupies a special place in the world of music, two, that music can cross incredible boundaries to connect us, and three, that Patrick ought to look for ways to celebrate this power of music and to support his local music scene. All of this is to say that Patrick is delighted to be a part of SPACE 101.1 FM, and hopes to continue working with the station for a long while.

Outside of DJ’ing, Patrick loves films and filmmaking, enjoys basketball, and has strong negative feelings in regards to LinkedIn.

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