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SPACE 101.1 FM Program Schedule


7-9 PM  Roots Roundup

9-10 PM  Before It Was Cool


8-9 PM  Bargain Bin Vinyl Hour
9-11 PM  Magnuson Blues

7-9 PM  World Beat Adventure
9-10 PM  Transcend This Temporal Plane

10-11 PM  Multi-Cultural Mindsets

11- midnight  Electric Waves


11-noon  Pachanga

1-1:30 PM  ArtSounds

2-2:30 PM  Exploring Magnuson Park

3-4 PM  The Bridge
7-8 PM  Soundtrack Cinema

11-midnight  Vanishing Point  

7-9 PM  Wedgwood Rocks

9-10 PM  Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid to Know About
10-11 PM  Maximum Rock and Roll


4-5 PM  Juke in the Back
5-7 PM  Up the River
7-9 PM  The Jet Set
9-11 PM  Head’s Up
11-2 AM  Story Untold


11-1 PM  American Routes

1-2 PM  The DeLorean Dream

6-7 PM  Soul Shakedown

7-8 PM  History as Music, Music as History
8-9 PM  Cascade of History

9-10 PM  Jay's Radio Hour

10-10:30 PM  Broken Alaska

What about the rest of the time?
At all other times of the day (and night) we present SPACE MIX - a tailored blend of the best new music, vintage alternative rock, classic R&B, with healthy amounts of local music, and unexpected delights. SPACE MIX is expertly curated by our music director Eric Z.

Schedule as of May 2023

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